Consulting Services

Key transformational services combined with the breadth of our experience and industry
knowledge sustain innovation and fuel growth:

Business Technology

Enhancing performance & productivity through technological systems and processes

✓ BI and Analytics
✓ IT Advisory Services
✓ Website Development
✓ IT Infrastructure
✓ Software Advisory Services
✓ Enterprise Applications

Digital Services

Solving organizations and businesses complex problems through innovative digital solutions

✓ Digital Strategy
✓ Mobile Innovation
✓ Digital Office
✓ Digital Platform Development
✓ Digital Marketing and Intelligence
✓ Enterprise Content Management

ICT for Development

Utilizing technological advancements to help humanitarian and social sector organizations

✓ Communications & Information Systems Design
✓ Participatory Mapping Techniques
✓ Communication Mechanisms
✓ Accountability Systems
✓ Complaints & Feedback Mechanism
✓ Beneficiaries Engagement System


The art and science of formulating strategies for achieving growth & innovation

✓ Innovation
✓ Growth
✓ Priority Setting
✓ Software Requirements Solicitation

Educational Technology

Developing next-generation intelligent Digital Pedagogies based educational tools

✓ Education Management
✓ Automated Learning Management
✓ Analytics
✓ Tech-based Policy Tools
✓ Blended Content Generation
✓ Digital Pedagogies

Project Leadership

Devising processes, structures, procedures and documentations for management

✓ Program Leadership
✓ Risk, Regulatory and Compliance
✓ Project / Portfolio Management
✓ Technology Project Leadership Services

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De Internet Lab providing key digital services and focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on web and mobile.


We have been providing professional consulting services to different industry verticals over the years.

Experienced in connecting individuals to providers, communities and healthcare systems while offering incentives to live connected to their health thru self-activating application tools

  • BI and Data Analytics
  • Care delivery innovation
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Government Plans
  • Marketing and product management
  • Operations process improvement
  • Operational efficiency
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Healthcare regulatory and compliance
  • Acute care transitions

Assisting the media & entertainment industry, including edutainment, in management and operations along with technology integration.

  • Program and project leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Digital and mobile application services
  • Product management
  • Agile implementation / coaching
  • Vendor selection and management

Researching and developing next-generation ed-tech solutions for the entire educational landscape.

  • State governments
  • K-12 School Districts
  • Human services organizations
  • Local govt

Supporting businesses and organizations in customer support (including technical), go-market launch, and business scalability.

  • Acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures
  • Service and product launch
  • Business intelligence
  • Supply chain and Operations
  • Customer care and support


We enjoy working on the Services we provide as much as you need them. This helps us in delivering your Goals easily.
Browse through the wide range of services we provide.

Through a partnership with De Internet Lab, our clients will gain a competitive advantage by utilizing the latest technologies for your business solution. De Internet Lab will ensure that the technologies selected today will provide long-term viability for tomorrow and will fit well into your companies’ long-term business strategy.
De Internet Lab provides consultants that have the necessary technical experience and project management skills to help mitigate risk associated with business and technical constraints and organizational diversity. Our Consultants will provide you with the necessary expertise to effectively:
  • Analyze existing policies and procedures.
  • Analyze network application and network topologies.
  • Architect a solution required to support the specified environment based on our EdPlug Product.
  • Produce operational guidelines for on-going maintenance and support
  • Implement change management control.
Consultant can accelerate the rate of implementation by utilizing best practices and experience gained at similar engagements. De Internet Lab can provide the necessary project management expertise throughout the physical implementation effort. The Project Manager will oversee the activities of contract resources and our clients staff to ensure the successful completion of project milestones and to ensure the fulfillment of your goals for the project.
Our consultant’s leverage your organization’s specific expertise through a methodology and team structure that takes advantage of this knowledge base and promotes individual accountability by assigning ownership of project deliverables. De Internet Lab will employ proven methodologies and team models to maximize the capabilities of all individuals participating in the project.
De Internet Lab leverages the team model and transfers our knowledge back to the customer and project team members. Our consultants assume the role of mentors and will structure each project to transfer skills and knowledge to our client’s staff. This approach provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to further deploy and manage enterprise technologies within your unique operating environment.
There are many ways to architect the same solution; however, some alternatives are inherently more effective than others. De Internet Lab can provide project managers that understand business value and process methodology along with solution architects capable of designing solutions that leverage existing and future technologies. De Internet Lab will apply the collective experience of similar projects in large enterprise networks.

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