Smart & reliable cloud based education management and interactive learning
platform that is easy to use and affordable in pricing

Ready for instant use

No customization required and ready for instant use. Just plug your school and start using it

Multi-platform & Responsive

Supports multiple types of internet browsers and devices like laptops tablets, and mobile

Visualization & Tools

Built-in tools that provide deep insights and reports in a visually appealing charts & graphs

Free 24/7 Technical Support

Full hosting & maintenance carried out by EdPlug team along with full-time dedicated technical support channels

School Administration at your fingertips

  • Streamline administrative tasks and save time and money
  • Manage student information across your entire School or Company.
  • Improve school-to-home communication with web portals for teachers, students and parents.
  • Make information easily available online for students, parents and staff.
  • Access and manage student data on phones and tablets.
  • Manage your entire admissions process, from online applications to enrollment.
  • Manage student billing and complete fund accounting for your school.
  • Connect other school operations like nurse, library and cafeteria.
  • Impress your school community with a great-looking, affordable responsive website.


There are several modules in EdPlug that helps you handle day to day
activities of your school with less stress & more efficiently


Manage administrative affairs, holidays, users, events, assets, liabilities and certificates.


Manage new, existing and alumni students records, attendance, online admissions and documents.


Add new employees and manage existing employee’s records, leaves, performance, contracts and HR.


Manage examinations and create automatic grading criteria, generate exams marks sheets and reports.

Timetable & Academics

Create classes, subjects, timetables, allocate teachers and manage bell timing slots.


Fees, discounts, fines, deposits challans print, defaulters, arrears, and transaction records and modes.

Library, Hostel & Transport

Library management, transport fleet management, routes plan, hostel capacity and allocations.

Reports & Tools

More than 100 reports on anything in the school presented in organized tables, detailed reports & visual graphs.

There is much much more to EdPlug. How about exploring the free demo to find for yourself
why we are the best in EdTech


Making sure every event get its right audience who would passionately want to
be a part of it, while the experience is memorable and rewarding

Create Event

Simple 3 step process to create and promote your event

Browse Event

Search for events by their location, types, organizers, and audiences

Promote Event

Invite your friends to events and share it with your network

Create Organization

Create events, build followers and a timeline of events created by organization