Who Are We?

A digital consulting firm creating stunning & engaging online experiences

Competitive Advantage

Our rates are quite low than our competitors and customer service is exceptional


Operating in an ethical way is the foundation of our business and dealings with our clients

Collaborative Culture

We work collaboratively, with our clients, to make sure they are satisfied with the outputs


By looking more deeply into your business, we strive to bring bold strategies to life in unexpected ways. Through disruption and innovation, our clients are able to transform from market followers to market leaders with our products and services

Business Technology

Helping organizations & businesses to enhance performance & increased productivity through technological systems, processes and mechanisms

Project Leadership

Devising processes, structures, procedures and documentations for managing programs, projects, regulatory, risks, compliance and technology integration

Educational Technology

Developing the next-generation of intelligent digital based educational tools for schools, governments, organizations, policy-makers and individuals

Digital Services

Solving organizations and businesses complex problems through innovative digital systems, strategies, technology platforms and digital marketing


The art and science of formulating strategies for achieving growth, setting priorities, soliciting & refining key business needs & inculcating innovation

ICT For Development

Utilizing technological advancements to help humanitarian and social sector organizations to solve some of the biggest challenges and crisis of this century

Business Process

Our business processes are designed to make sure there is no communication gap between the clients and within the team. This ensures each and every requirement of client is addresses and the final outcome of every project is of satisfaction to client and of high quality.

1. Idea
2. Sketch
3. Design
4. Develop
5. Test
6. Launch

Enough talking, let's schedule a meeting to discuss your project needs! There is nothing more exciting and energizing than discussing business over a cup of coffee.


Cup of Coffees


Working Hours


Happy Clients


Ideas Discussed


EdPlug is a sophisticated enterprise system that lets institutions engage every student, teacher and parent in a standardized, controlled way, and then measure their success.

Modules & Dashboards

EdPlug supports multiple modules that helps a institution handle their day to day activities.

Analytical Tools

Powerful tools that provide deep analytical insights, patterns and trends in both formats, organized tables and visual graphics.

Reports Generator

More than 100 types of exportable reports.  EdPlug extensive reports are based on your choice of indicators.

User Dashboards

Any number and type of users can be created with their own set of user access rights and roles.

Information for Services

We are eagerly looking forward to discussing with you how best can you use technology solutions for your business

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